//SKID - The wooden chef knife

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We proudly present our wooden chef knife. Over 97% Wood and 3% finest steel. Be part of the Lignum Family and support our first ecological sustainable product - //SKID

What is Lignum - //SKID?


More than 95% of LIGNUM //SKID are produced from renewable raw materials. The body of //SKID is etched from a single block of Robinia that comes from nearby forests in Germany. This hardwood is one of the best materials for kitchen products. The high concentration of tannin has an self-cleaning and antibacterial effect. So no more chemical cleaners are necessary for cleaning your //SKID.

Cutting Edge

The //SKID blades contain a high alloyed carbon steel (1.3503) with a hardness of 59 - 61 HRC. Traditional Japanese blacksmith use this kind of steel to create the sharpest knifes in the world. Every //SKIDs blade is handcrafted in Magdeburg, Germany and connected with the wooden body with a self-developed technique. The result: a new level of cutting experience perfectly balanced and natural in handling. The very own grain of every single piece of wood makes every //SKID unique. Lastly //SKID gets its final touch by hand. The result: a new level of cutting experience!


For producing //SKID we are combining the knowledge of traditional blacksmiths and wood processing with modern technologies. Every single blade got laser cutted and then finished by hand. The wooden body of //SKID is milled with modern CNC machines and as well finished by hand. In the last step we assembly the wooden body and the blade and grind it by hand to the perfect sharpness. The result: A perfect and unique chef knife.

By working with a high alloyed carbon steel, which has been used successfully in the knife manufacturing for the last hundreds of years, we reach

an incredible sharpness

cutting edge retention

and flexibilty



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The last Mile

Posted 29.11.2016

We spent nearly two years to realize our dream of //SKID. Starting with the idea and some small sketches in 2014 we got it and are now live on Kickstarter with our very first product. //SKID stands for every single point of our philosophy. 97% of //SKID are made of a single piece of wood, combined with a thin but durable blade of high alloyed carbon steel. It is not only the first chef knife that we made, it is the first knife ever of its kind.

The last Mile

The love of my knife

Posted 12.11.2016

We decided during our research and development time, to work with a high alloyed carbon steel. We believe that it is the better steel for stunning knives. Carbon steel stays sharper longer than stainless steel and it is easier to sharpen carbon steel up to the level of a razor blade.

The love of my knife

It is all about the right wood

Posted 12.11.2016

More than 97% of //SKID are made of a single piece of wood from the nearby forests in Germany. We are using Robinia for our knife: it is harder than oak, has a higher concentration of tannin which has antibacterial properties and Robinia is a regrowing ecological resource. Did you know, that the production and processing of wood uses much less energy than most other building materials? During the growth period, every tree is transforming carbon to oxygen. Less energy is required for the production. The result: Wooden products have a significant lower carbon footprint and are lowering the carbon concentration during the growing process.

It is all about the right wood
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Production Timeline

Nov 2016

LIGNUM @ Kickstarter

Today we are introducing //SKID on Kickstarter. The first ecologically sustainable chef knife made out of one piece of wood
Aug 2016

Final Testing

We changed a lot of small details since our first idea and prototype so we tested //SKID again under real conditions with our chefs and friends.
Jun 2016

Final Design

We included the feedback from the tests in the final design of //SKID and searched for manufacturing partners in Germany
Feb 2016


//SKID got tested by professional Chefs, enthusiasts and of course our family and friends. Next to the usability test, we used different test benches to simulate various years of use in a short time.
Nov 2015

Research and development

Since summer 2014 we have done a lot of research. What kind of wood should we use, build models, optimized the way of connecting wood and steel and of course finding the perfect shape for the daily use.
Jun 2015

The first models

The first models has been made by hand in the traditional way. With this form knowledge we startet to build CAD Models for the first 3D printed models.
Feb 2015

First sketches

We started the traditional way, by drawing sketches, and tried to maximize the wooden part of the knife to 90%. On the paper it looked great but we could not imagine how to realize this thing.
Dec 2014

//SKID took place in our life

As passionate cookers and with our vision of LIGNUM we made the decision to rethink the typical chef knife and create something, that marches to a different drummer.
Aug 2014

The idea of LIGNUM

During our studies we had the idea to make the products in our daily life more ecologically sustainable by focusing on wood as a renewable resource.

Our Team


Crazy genius behind the product.


Describe yourself: I have absolutely no clue...


IT / Business Support
It's something with computers? He can do it.


The Blacksmith
Traditional crafts, working with wood and steel. That's Micha.

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